NVIGR8 (pronounced Invigorate) is a new-cutting edge Holistic - Massage Program dedicated to addressing Mind-Body-Spirit and Emotional Wellness.

Our program begins with an initial consultation, biometrics, and an 8-component holistic-massage experience worked into a three-part-station designed to encompass a focused-approach to self-healing.

Our Focused-Stretching and Focused-Breathing Stations prepare your musculoskeletal and nervous system to warm-up prior to your Focused-Massage Program finale.

This serves to assist clients with pre-massage preparations such as:

*warm-up myofascia and muscles

*relax nervous system

*reduce stress

*rejuvenate and increase mental clarity

*re-Invigorate self-expression

* reduce time for clients to settle-in on table and relax for maximum massage benefits 

*reduce blood pressure 

*increase circulation

increase Range-of-Motion

*decrease pain

*enhance self-care regimen 


Create your own Holistic Program to address and customize your personal wellness needs whether its self-care, in conjunction with a weight loss program, mindful body and spirit, healing, or all the above!!

We look forward to celebrating your journey in self-care and wellness. 

Happy New Year,